We are a building and construction company, which for many years has been involved in the construction of energy efficient and human-friendly facilities. We operate according to the standards of sustainable architecture where the designer creates spatial and effective forms based on secure and sustainable design solutions.

By working on the rational use of raw materials, saving energy or water consumption, we confine the negative impact on the environment and at the same time provide high quality and comfort. We have reference project facilities in Poland, Norway, Scotland, Germany, France and Portugal.

We carry out the work entrusted to us in a diligent and timely manner and approach each order individually from design to final inspection. We care about both the stability of the prefabricated construction and aesthetic finishing. 


We provide solutions that refine wood, stone, brick or concrete, increasing their strength and durability, but also reduce their number under construction providing the possibility to recycle.

We have the technology of structural reinforcements based on carbon, glass, basalt and aramid composite materials, steel nets, organic resins and inorganic mortars. We provide constructional expertise and are one of the first to have a software design using a variety of composite materials.

We are constantly working to improve the thermal resistance of buildings offering healthy, economical and innovative thermal insulation materials.


We professionally deal with the renovation of historical sites, including, in particular, the maintenance work and impregnation of historic buildings of wooden architecture.

We prepare the substrate in such a way as not to harm the listed object. We are working on a permanent suppression of destructive factors, such as insects and fungi. We strengthen the damaged elements limiting the amount of possible reconstruction work.

All the products we use have been fully tested and meet the industry standards of biodegradability. We provide a comprehensive and effective system of fire protection and biological wood in different colours: clear, lazure, opaque or coated with limestone.

The proposed solutions do not have a negative impact on the environment.


We are a manufacturer of protected wood against fire, but also a certified distributor certified for solid glued laminated structural timber, profiled timber and furan polymer impregnated wood of extremely durable resistance to aggressive atmospheric agents.

We offer shelled or polished natural steatite stone, being one of the few accumulating heat longest in nature, protects and is completely safe, because even when wet, it is never slippery. Other raw materials like quartz stone are considered to have self-healing properties.

As insulation material, we provide natural sheep's wool that cleans the air, has sound-absorbing properties, absorbs moisture, is non-flammable and neutralizes harmful chemicals. For the isolation of foundation slabs or green roofs it is worth considering the ecological parameters of foam glass, which is non-absorbent, non-freezing, non-flammable and at the same time very light.

We are introducing composite materials for reinforced concrete such as composite rods or composite mesh from fiberglass, which are stronger, lighter, more fuel-efficient, not subject to corrosion or degradation, do not lose their properties at low temperatures and have low thermal conductivity, are long-lasting, eco-friendly and convenient for logistical reasons.

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