PASSIVE BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - prefabrication of the frame wood construction

We are a building and construction company, which for many years has been involved in the construction of energy efficient and human-friendly facilities. We operate according to the standards of sustainable architecture where the designer creates spatial and effective forms based on secure and sustainable design solutions.

By working on the rational use of raw materials, saving energy or water consumption, we confine the negative impact on the environment and at the same time provide high quality and comfort. We have reference project facilities in Poland, Norway, Scotland, Germany, France and Portugal.

We carry out the work entrusted to us in a diligent and timely manner and approach each order individually from design to final inspection. We care about both the stability of the prefabricated construction and aesthetic finishing. 

INNOVATION IN THE BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - GFRP rods, structural reinforcements

We provide solutions that refine wood, stone, brick or concrete, increasing their strength and durability, but also reduce their number under construction providing the possibility to recycle.

We have the technology of structural reinforcements based on carbon, glass, basalt and aramid composite materials, steel nets, organic resins and inorganic mortars. We provide constructional expertise and are one of the first to have a software design using a variety of composite materials.

We are constantly working to improve the thermal resistance of buildings offering healthy, economical and innovative thermal insulation materials.


We professionally deal with the renovation of historical sites, including, in particular, the maintenance work and impregnation of historic buildings of wooden architecture.

We prepare the substrate in such a way as not to harm the listed object. We are working on a permanent suppression of destructive factors, such as insects and fungi. We strengthen the damaged elements limiting the amount of possible reconstruction work.

All the products we use have been fully tested and meet the industry standards of biodegradability. We provide a comprehensive and effective system of fire protection and biological wood in different colours: clear, lazure, opaque or coated with limestone.

The proposed solutions do not have a negative impact on the environment.

TRADE & COMMERCE - construction wood, sheep wool insulation, foamed glass

We are a manufacturer of protected wood against fire, but also a certified distributor certified for solid glued laminated structural timber, profiled timber and furan polymer impregnated wood of extremely durable resistance to aggressive atmospheric agents.

We offer shelled or polished natural steatite stone, being one of the few accumulating heat longest in nature, protects and is completely safe, because even when wet, it is never slippery. Other raw materials like quartz stone are considered to have self-healing properties.

As insulation material, we provide natural sheep's wool that cleans the air, has sound-absorbing properties, absorbs moisture, is non-flammable and neutralizes harmful chemicals. For the isolation of foundation slabs or green roofs it is worth considering the ecological parameters of foam glass, which is non-absorbent, non-freezing, non-flammable and at the same time very light.

We are introducing composite materials for reinforced concrete such as composite rods or composite mesh from fiberglass, which are stronger, lighter, more fuel-efficient, not subject to corrosion or degradation, do not lose their properties at low temperatures and have low thermal conductivity, are long-lasting, eco-friendly and convenient for logistical reasons.

Prefabrication of framework structures and roof trusses

For several years we have dealt with construction of light, prefabricated wooden frameworks which are friendly to man and environment and depending on the insulation material used, meet the standards of energy-saving or zero-emission buildings. We use only attested solid wood, KVH, BSH and other building materials which with good ventilation and impregnation are a solid, safe and durable structure. We offer design, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of high quality prefabricated framework – walls, ceilings or roof trusses. This solution reduces the time for construction and significantly lowers the installation costs making the work independent of weather. Prefabricated structures are made of attested, four-side planed, chamber-dried spruce wood of low growth. Walls and roof are stiffened by OSB and connected with steel bands. Joists covered with OSB milled plate are installed on a sheep wool foundation which reduces vibration and removes thermal bridges. External walls can be additionally covered with a glass fiber on polyurethane resin or heat-insulating paint with microspheres can be used to increase thermal resistance (reduce heat losses) and perform the compression test of the building.

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  • prefabrication of the frame wood construction
  • prefabrikácia rámových konštrukcií
  • prefabrykacja konstrukcji szkieletowych

Wood fire protection – pressure impregnation

Wood has a quite high mechanical strength so it can be used to build structures. It is a good insulator, sound-absorbing material, quite easy in processing and joining technique and still is aesthetic in appearance. Wood not modified by fire protection is unsafe in terms of fire. The most practical and durable method of providing fire protection is to have the wood hardly flammable by pressure impregnation of construction wood, profiled wood (elevation, floors, terraces) for new structures or wooden shingle in monumental structures of wooden architecture. We offer the first complete fire protection system in Poland that meets the flammability class B-s2, d0, water soluble, boron-free product based on fire resistant salts for impregnating wood according to DIN EN 13501-1 for internal and external protections, which at the same time fully protects the biological coating of wood also against UV radiation, does not flake, does not crack, isolates tannins contained in wood; both in the glazing and covering system.

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  • ochrona przeciwpożarowa drewna
  • protipožiarna ochrana dreva - tlaková impregnácia
  • wood fire protection – pressure impregnation

Wholesale of construction and profiled wood

We are a manufacturer of fire-proof wood but also a distributor of solid and glued attested construction wood and profiled wood. Chemical composition and structure of wood affects the physical properties of a given type of wood and is connected with the specific gravity. In dry air state (12% moisture), there are groups of wood: very heavy (hornbeam, yew, ebony, exotic types), heavy (oak, ash, walnut), moderately heavy (juniper, chestnut, mahogany), light - pine , spruce, fir, lime, cedar), very light (poplar, balsa). We offer delivery of construction wood BSH, KVH and solid wood in visual and industrial class of high strength characteristics, profiled wood: elevation boards, floor boards, terrace boards, four-side planed boards, wooden patches made of spruce or larch. The products offered are construction products with CE marking. Wood can be additionally protected against fire and biologically against such destructive factors as moisture, insects, fungi or molds. With furan polymer impregnation by Kebony, elevation boards or terrace boards are long-lasting and have an extremely high resistance to any aggressive weather.

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  • hurtowa sprzedaż drewna konstrukcyjnego profilowan
  • wholesale of construction and profiled wood
  • veľkoobchodný predaj stavebnéhoprofilovaného dreva

Structural reinforcements – composite systems

We provide solutions that make wood, stone, brick or concrete finer, extend their strength and durability, but also reduce their number during construction allowing for reuse. We have a technology of structural reinforcements based on carbon, glass, basalt and aramid composite materials such as fiber, mesh, mats, lamella rods, profiles, anchoring systems, steel mesh of carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass, organic resins: epoxy, vinyl, polyester , polyurethane and inorganic cement, lime or pozzolana-silica mortars:

Fiber Reinforced Polymer – polymer-reinforced fibers refers to the complex materials with high resistance of continuous fiber fabrics immersed in polymer matrix – organic resins.

Fiber Reinforced Cementous Matrix – fibers reinforced with cement mortar; Steel Reinforced Grouts – grouts reinforced with steel) used with inorganic matrices (such as cement lime) for structural reinforcement of buildings.

The above systems are mainly used in the following areas: improving resistance at points subject to tear, reinforcing structures subject to vertical deviation, reducing deviation and fractures under load, reinforcing compressed structures, improving structures in seismic areas without increasing the load, reinforcing and consolidating weakened and damaged structures.

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  • štrukturálne výstuže - kompozitné systémy
  • wzmocnienia strukturalne – systemy kompozytowe
  • structural reinforcements – composite systems

Fiberglass composite profiles, rods and meshes

We introduce composite materials to the European market for concrete reinforcement such as composite rods or meshes, which are stronger, lighter, more economical, resistant to corrosion or decay and do not lose their properties at low temperatures, have a high thermal conductivity, are long-lasting, ecological and convenient for logistics.

The rods are made of fiber glass and epoxy resin and are used to reinforce concrete. 

Reinforcement has a two times higher tear resistance than steel and is five times lighter than steel.

Non-metallic reinforcement is completely resistant to corrosion and makes no damage to the concrete so the lagging around the rod can be made smaller sometimes even by 30% which may contribute to even greater economy of design. It also virtually undergoes no mechanical changes in aggressive environment under the effect of acids, alkalis and salts. It loses no properties at very low temperatures, virtually conducts no heat, passes neutral radio waves or passive magnetic waves. Long-lasting and ecological non-metallic reinforcement increases the service life of structures even three times as compared to the steel one.

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  • pręty i siatki kompozytowe z włókna szklanego
  • Usuń fiberglass composite rods and meshes
  • sklolaminátové kompozitné tyče a mriežk

Foamed glass

Foam glass is a very load-bearing, not absorbent, not freezing, non-flammable material resistant to external weather and above all a very light building material. It is a modern and ecological solution for insulating foundations, insulate ground, roof systems – green terraces, even surfaces or insulating installations or tanks in the soil. It acts under the foundation plate also as drainage and with its enclosed structure prevents penetration of moisture into the foundation plate. It can shape the land in unlimited ways. Foam glass not as other materials absorbs no water and retains its volume. Thus, a structure is not overloaded. The low volume mass provides zero deformation of the vault. It is ideal for filling and insulating the inter-ceiling spaces while reconstructing monumental buildings. It is ecological and can be recycled.

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  • penove sklo
  • szkło spienione
  • foamed glass

Renovation of monuments

We professionally renovate monuments and mainly perform conservation and impregnation of monumental buildings of wooden architecture. By preparing the ground not to do any harm to the monumental structure, we work on the permanent inhibition of destructive factors such as insects or fungi. We reinforce any damaged elements while limiting the number of reconstructions to the minimum. Having in regard the biodegradability standards, we use reliable and cross-tested impregnates. We provide a comprehensive and effective fire and biological wood protection system in variety of colors: colorless, glazed, covering or coated with lime paint. Solutions we propose have no negative impact on the natural environment.

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  • Renovation of monuments
  • rekonštrukcia pamiatok
  • rekonštrukcia pamiato

Natural sheep wool insulation

For insulation material, we suggest the natural sheep wool which clears the air, absorbs the sound, absorbs the moisture, is inflammable and neutralizes any harmful chemical compounds.

It is very hygroscopic – it absorbs the moisture and gives it back with moisture change with no loss of insulation properties. Due to the harmful effect on man, many countries do not allow to use any inside materials based on polyurethane. Sheep wool is ideal to seal the hole woodwork for installation foam PU.

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  • Prirodzená izolácia z ovčej vlny
  • Natural sheep wool insulation
  • wełna owcza

Passive zero-emission building constructions

We are a construction company that has been engaged for many years in erecting energy-saving and human-friendly structures. We act according to the balanced architecture standards, where a designer creates spatial and effective forms based on the safe and durable structural solutions. By working on a rational use of raw materials and components, energy saving or water consumption, we reduce the negative impact on the environment and provide high quality and comfort of use. Based on the assumptions of improving thermal resistance with achieving a positive energy balance we promote the idea of zero-emission construction. Our standards assume delivery of partial systems or structures that are safe to health and environment, have low maintenance costs with moderate initial capital expenditure.


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  • Pasívna konštrukcia s nulovými emisiami
  • pasívna konštrukcia s nulovými emisiami
  • Passive zero-emission building constructions

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